Western Powders Handloading Guide, Edition 1

Western Powders Handloading Guide, Edition 1
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With data for modern cartridges, old favorites and obscure wildcats, the Western Powders Handloading Guide picks up where the well-loved Accurate Arms books left off.  Featuring new propellants, including the complete line of Ramshot, Accurate and Blackhorn 209 powders, this comprehensive guide presents the most advanced loading information available to shooters today.  Free Shipping within the United States.  Western Powders is currently not shipping this item to Canadian and international addresses.

Canadians interested in purchasing this book should call our Canadian distributor, Londero Sports, at (450) 349-2332 or Korth Group at 587-757-0091 (www.korthgroup.com). 

Full Color.  488 pages

ISBN: 978-0-935632-35-4

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